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Hello, my name is April; and I am a recovery ally. I have a loved one who is a person in long term recovery. Living with a loved one who struggles with the disease of addiction is a difficult journey. I knew little about the disease of addiction and only aware of the “stigma” that haunts it. The more I saw my loved one struggle with the disease; the more I wanted to help, and I didn’t know where to start. I found myself consumed by the effects of the disease. The disease of addiction brought chaos, sadness, and fear into my home. I began to lose sight of hope. When my loved one made the decision to accept the resources available to take back his life from the stronghold of addiction, I wanted to learn how the disease affected my loved one. I began to join meetings for family members of addiction. I read books about the disease of addiction. As he focused on his recovery and worked his program, I began to work my program to bring recovery to our home. Together we both continue to work our programs, we go to counseling together, and the hope of recovery has brought life back into our home. To family members who are struggling with the disease of addiction, don’t lose hope. Sometimes the disease may cause us to love and support our loved ones from a distance and that is okay, but you continue to offer that love and support and be there when your loved one is ready. *He gave me permission to share our photo*

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