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Hi, my name is Jenn and I’m a recovering addict. I was in active addiction for 18 Years. I never felt adequate. Like I wasn’t as pretty or as smart as everyone else. It started out with recreational use because everyone else did it. I soon realized that the drugs and alcohol gave me the confidence I needed to come out of my shell or to not care what anyone thought. It soon became an everyday thing. That turned into years of broken dreams and burned bridges. Along with the drug use I suffered lots of emotion, mental, and physical abuse. No matter how many times I tried to get clean and turn things around, I would always go back to using to help me deal with all the guilt, shame and pain. I hurt lots of people and caused chaos everywhere I went.I was literally on death’s door when God intervened. I was mandated to an amazing recovery facility where He placed people in my life that showed me His love and what a life in recovery looked like and could be. I was introduced to the rooms of NA/AA and learned how to start building a relationship with my Higher Power. My clean date is September 2018. I can wake up today without feeling hopeless and miserable. I am a responsible member of society. I am employable today and can actually pay my own bills. I have my own home. I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to sleep or how I’m going to eat. I know these things sound normal but to an addict like me they are a huge deal. I have a great network full of others in recovery that are not only my friends but my chosen family.There are restorations being made in my God given family as well. I’m actually able to be enjoy them and be a good daughter, sister, and aunt. The things that I was incapable of doing before. They no longer have to worry about getting a phone call from jail because I’ve been arrested or from the hospital because I’ve overdosed again. I’ve learned how to be honest and accountable for my actions. I can set boundaries and have healthy relationships now. My recovery is everything to me. I’m happy, healthy, and peaceful. It’s not always easy. Getting clean was the hardest thing I ever did and staying clean is a full time job. However I wouldn’t trade being clean or my journey to get to where I am for anything. It’s made me the strong woman I am today and for that I’m extremely grateful!!

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