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Kristi Guthrie

My name is Kristi Guthrie and I am a person in long term recovery. Oct 13, 2020 will be two years clean for me. My DOC was Meth and Roxie's. I started meth at the age of 18. I am 47 now. For years I told myself I could control it, until it went from weekends, to days of week, to every day. I went from snorting to smoking to shooting up. I lost everything a couple years ago from my house, two vehicles, my kids, my life. I wanted to die. I was arrested, was 10-13 in hospital, spent 15 grand, gambling, doing things I'm not proud of. Today I have gained so much back and more. A house, a stable job, both my kids back, and the love and support of my family, friends, and fellowship. I never want to go back to the ugly of before. Today I thank God Almighty for pulling me out of the depths of Hell. I came from abusive past, trauma, and the dope numbed all the pain till I got rock bottom and realized I could hit no lower. What keeps me going and clean and free today is #1. I ask myself What's it worth to my Recovery? #2 I NEVER EVER want to be a Picture upon the NA walls of ones who thought they had one more hit, one more relapse in them. Today I am filled with freedom and God has blessed me with so much more in life than I ever knew.

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