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My name is Laura and I'm a grateful recovering addict. My clean date is 1/9/18. I started drinking at 15 and using harder substances at 18. I was broken spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was an empty shell of a woman just existing. The only goal I had was to get that next fix. During a moment of desperation, I cried to my family and said I need help and that I can't live like this anymore. A few days after that I went to Promise of Hope rehab where my old journey died and a new one began. They loved me until I could love myself, which was a slow process for me. Now I have a relationship with God, an awesome job, great network and sponsor, healthy relationships with friends and family, and I'm happy, joyous, and free! WE DO RECOVER. Thanks for letting me share just a fraction of my story.

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