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Pamela Ranke

Hello My name is Pamela Ranke and I am no longer an addict ! I am a new creation in Christ Jesus! Who the Son sets free is free Indeed. After being hooked on meth from 13 to around 19. First drug charge was 17 possessions of meth. Got pregnant at 19 and thought life was going to be grand ! Little did I know that I would be addicted to opioids for the next 7 years ! I lost everything and would do anything to make sure I had what I needed. After 9 times of detox, 2 more times in jail and almost overdosing on Fentanyl, in my dads bathroom one night, I decided to go to the methadone clinic. I did everything they said, everything the right way, was weaned off and woke up craving four days later. Feeling lost, hopeless, broken and angry I got in my car going 95 down the road picking which tree to slam myself into. At that moment, my last thought was to cry out to God (who I wasn’t sure if I believed in). I asked him to show me how real He was or I was taking myself out. That day on the side of the road, deliverance happened in my life. God’s spirit came into my life and I never picked up pain pills to get high again. Over the next year and a half I found an amazing church of people who loved me and taught me about Jesus. After 10 years coming up free in November of 2020, I’m still walking and serving God to the best of my ability ! He has blessed me in so many ways that I could write a book! Praise God He brought me out and showed me purpose!

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