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Tina Clements

September is National Recovery Month - for me it’s also the month that holds two special dates. My recovery birthday and our wedding anniversary. Wow how did that happen? It happened because I am a person in long term recovery, what that means for me is that Lord willing it will be 22 years, Sept 28, since I have used any mood altering substance to change how I feel or to not feel at all. Because of my recovery I am afforded the ability to be a good wife - not perfect but good. I am a mother and again not a perfect one but a responsible one; now as far as being a Nana, I am the best ! I have worked at the same agency for 28 years. I have a home, car, bed, food, and so many more privileges than I deserve. I am the founder of RISEUP, an Addiction Recovery Support Center in Dublin, Ga! I am an advocate for others to help bridge a gap from addiction to connection. So this is how I have been fortunate enough to be married to this guy for 20 years. Marriage is about the actions we take on a daily basis to sustain our marriage. -Tina Clements
I love you Lonny Ray!

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